Spring / Summer Etsy Vintage Collection, Part 1: "Cowboy Kitsch"

Introducing our debut vintage collection, "Cowboy Kitsch," from our Etsy shop!

In the 1950s, westerns were big and kitsch was even bigger. Seriously, check out this toilet seat from Buckaroo's Mercantile. Yes, that's a cowboy toilet seat.

The thing is, kitschy tributes to the wild, wild west and the open range (where the deer and the antelope play) didn't die out in the 1950s, nor were limited to oddball household items like toilet seats. Nope -- clothing and accessories hopped on that steam train, too. Western kitsch has been going strong for decades, and continues being trendy now. Sometimes it's hip, sometimes it's not, but it never goes away.

Of course, some of these items we're featuring were originally manufactured and sold in complete earnest, and probably began their lives in ranch and feed stores in the mountain west. The cowboy west is part of a real regional identity ... but that doesn't mean we can't poke a little fun at it through recycling and reinterpretation.

Vintage Powwow Plains Indians Kitsch Blouse

(Top: vintage 80s Powwow Native American print blouse; Top row, left to right: vintage 70s Levis boots, vintage 70s rustic crossbody purse, vintage 80s blue Frye boots; bottom row, left to right: vintage 70s southwest native acrylic hoodie, vintage 70s Revolver embroidered jeans, vintage 80s mock neck Native Americans and horses sweaters)

The collection adds over 20 new items to our shop!