Etsy Vintage Collection #2: Last night I dreamt of San Pedro ...

All right, so life isn't exactly a classic Madonna song. Fine. But why can't you pretend it is, you know? So, what better way than with our brand-spankin'-new vintage collection on Etsy, "senorita bonita"?

The collection features clothing and accessories influenced by Latin America. Desert southwest colors, indigenous graphics, Spanish colonial motifs, and tourist beach resort staples all come together in this collection; however, you won't find a sombrero, sarape, or donkey in sight because, hey, not cool, man.

Of course, this collection is just in time for Cinco de Mayo and the sweltering heat of summer when cotton dresses and sandals become de rigueur (even in places like Boston, Seattle, and Toronto).

Once you've got yourself into one of our great items, celebrate by trying out this great cocktail, La Futura -- an amazing re-mix of the classic margarita with ginger and pineapple.

Seriously, what better way to kick off summer than with a new drink and new duds?