Etsy Vintage Collection #3: "Proper Lady"

Muted accessories, structured handbags, summer-perfect dresses, and sweet cardigans mean you can dress the part. Whether you act like a "proper lady" or not is up to you. (We don't exactly recommend the whole "proper lady" thing, though. Carpe diem -- pass the bourbon!)

Here at Vintanthromodern, we don't think that the clothes make the woman. Beige Mary Janes and a tough leather jacket? Bring it. Preppy stripes and a Yohji Yamamoto inspired maxi skirt? Work. Demure Victorian ruffles and menswear slacks? Perfection. Florals and Docs? Party onNothing at all? Well ... you get the idea.

The pieces in our "proper lady" collection are meant to be mixed and matched:  soft and hard, masculine and feminine, bright and subdued. They represent surprising wardrobe staples without being b-o-r-i-n-g.

Here's a preview of what will be in store on Etsy tomorrow!

spring 60s vintage white rhinestone button coat