Etsy Vintage (Mini) Collection #5: Blue Lagoon

At Vintanthromodern Vintage, we are very, very serious about vintage fashion. Serious enough to name our fifth collection -- and second mini collection! -- after a cocktail. A blue curacao cocktail.

You'd think this is a joke, right? Nope! At least, not when we're talking about the "Blue Lagoon," an alcoholic beverage rarely seen outside of beach resorts, theme frat parties, and Red Robin restaurants. What is so great about the cocktail are the colors that dominate it:  the aqua blue of the Caribbean liqueur and the bright red of the maraschino cherry garnish. Both, of course, are not colors found in nature (thanks, semi-safe food coloring!), but they go ever so well together.  The drink has even inspired a Pantone color!

This mini collection is not inspired by any of the venues in which you'd find yourself drinking a Blue Lagoon*; rather, it is inspired by the aesthetics of the drink itself. The clothing in this collection leans a bit retro, the accessories a bit rocker. It's a fun, unusual combination: bright stiletto heels meet long sleeve shirtdresses.

Aqua Blue and Bright Red Vintage Apparel Etsy

Interested in more Blue Lagoon inspired goodness, including more blue curacao drink recipes - Check out my Pinterest Board!

*Watch out for a frat party themed collection one of these days. "Animal House" is just waiting as a theme.