changes are afoot ... and on wheels!

busscreenshotWe've been quiet lately around here because we've been busy.

How busy?

Busy as in starting our mobile vintage shop!

The Vintanthromobile -- as we are now calling her -- made her debut last weekend at the Columbus Day Festival in Wooster Square Park in New Haven. It was a pretty nasty, rainy day, but we were so proud of our baby out on her maiden voyage!

Wooster Square Columbus Day Festival

Her exterior still needs some work, but her interior is looking amazing. 

After a very successful appearance at the East Rock Festival, we had the opportunity to work with {Cut. Cloth.}, another New Haven vintage retailer, on a pop up shop on Chapel Street downtown. We had a blast. Clothing retail in New Haven is so blah. On the one hand, there are stores like J.Crew and Urban Outfitters -- full of 'made in China' crap -- and on the other hand, there are a handful of "older lady" boutiques. Injecting just a little bit of affordable fun into the mix has generated a great response, and we've been featured in the Yale Herald and the Daily Nutmeg. We're glad that some of the coolest items in our inventory, like those Chanel Boutique pants and the Rudy's jacket, are loved by our customers, too! We even got some Twitter love from Glamour associate editor Laurel Pantin, who featured one of our favorite vintage dresses that she purchased at the pop up shop.

Our next planned "live" event is a winter holiday trunk show in collaboration with {Cut. Cloth.} and the English Building Market on December 1 and December 8. Mark your calendars! This is going to be an incredible event put together by some incredible women. And it's dress up season! We'll be featuring exclusively holiday items, so if you're looking for a fancy sweater, a party dress, or  a luxe jacket, this is where you'll need to be in New Haven. We're already pulling items for the event, and we are in love with everything. You'll find silks, sequins, cashmere, and more!

Many thanks to the folks at the East Rock Festival and the Columbus Day Festival for hosting us in our own community, as well as Our Empty Space and Yale University Properties for giving a vintage pop up shop a chance!