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(23rd/1st) {pronounced "Twenty Third and First"} is a New Haven based retailer founded by Meg Kazukynas in 2012. Largely inspired by her time spent in the Southern states, wandering through antique shops, walking down historic streets, spending nights gathered under the oaks with friends, driving through the country, and soaking up every ounce of old Southern history and culture. (23rd/1st) provides you with handmade clothing & accessories made by independent designers in the US + Canada. Knowing that your item was made by the hands of a dedicated and inspired designer makes all the difference. We love supporting them, and we love wearing their products even more. 



{Cut. Cloth.} is a vintage and vintage-inspired pop-up boutique based in New Haven.  The company is the product of owner Janis Foo's lifelong love affair with charming objects from the 20th century. Since 2011, the {Cut. Cloth.} team has scoured attics and the interweb to find our customers well-tailored, vintage apparel in 100% silk, chiffon, wool and cotton.


Fashionista Vintage & Variety is the tops in "thrift couture". Amazing bargains spanning the decades and bold fashion statements waiting to be made.


Kate Stephen is a self-taught designer who has been creating jewelry for over 15 years. Her copper and brass designs are sculptural and often one-of-a-kind, featuring found objects, such as seashells, upcycled vintage materials and semi-precious stones. 

Kate finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, the excitement of travel and the process of creation. Having lived in the Caribbean, she is particularly enamored with the sea and the beauty found in and around it. She finds many of her materials and design ideas on the beach. 

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Vintanthromodern Vintage (VV) is a small New Haven, Connecticut based vintage retailer owned and operated by Melissa Gonzales.  Founded in 2011, VV specializes in vintage men's, women's children's apparel, accessories, and shoes (definitely shoes) from the atomic age to the rise of grunge. We emphasize everyday wearable and affordable vintage that can be reinterpreted and remixed by anyone - young or old, trendy or traditional - in a thoroughly modern way. VV is fresh picked daily and now sold online at,  at occasional pop-up shops, and at The English Building Market in downtown New Haven  (VV@EBM).  Beginning this Spring you'll also be able to shop on the Vintanthromobile, Connecticut's First & Only Mobile Vintage Boutique.