Punk at Vintanthromodern

In keeping with the Met Costume Institute's theme this year, we at Vintanthromodern Vintage put together a little selection of punk looks to honor the great achievements of the subculture. Take a look:




 Punk is characterized by an anachronistic mismatch of post-war subcultural styles from the teddy boy to the rude boy, with nod, or middle finger, to symbols of british nationalism including the Union Jack, the Queen and the Scottish Tartan. Chaos at its (anti)aesthetic core, punk also crudely appropriated non clothing items such as trash bags, chains, safety pins, razor blades as means self decoration.

 Punk was pioneered in the late 1970s by the great Vivienne Westwood and her then partner Malcolm McLaren, and has since gone on to inspire the work of Rei Kawakubo, Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens. Every top designer has paid homage to punk fashion in some manner, be it the 90s Versace safety pin dress or  the ethereal 2011 Maison Martin Margiela plastic bag dresses.

Although no real punks were allowed to attend the Met Gala, we invite everyone to come check out these looks for sale at our shop:

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