Pop Up: Blooming Lotus Apothecary at Vintanthromodern

It's so amazing how our rotating pop up space takes on a new life with each new vendor.  One of our favorite things about having this space is watching each new vendor carefully and eagerly set up their space.  There's no doubt that the bones of the space - the neutral gray backdrop, the beautiful light filtering in, and the glow of our twinkle lights - definitely set the stage.  What's magical though is how the space is transformed from one week to the next.  Last week we said goodbye to our most successful vendor yet.  Hot Blood Premium Goods' graphic tees, hats, and sweats led a bold, sleek and urban edge to the space and customers definitely responded!

Blooming Lotus Apothecary , with their beautiful and earthy crystals, scrubs, oils and sprays, instantly uplifted the space with a zen-like energy. Alyssa was even  able to incorporate some of her family's coral pieces and  some of Vintanthromodern Vintage's more earthy pieces to round out the display. The result is perfect for Spring, a time of renewal, cleansing and returning to an appreciation of nature.  Alyssa will also be hosting a Spring into Wellness event on April 12 from 1-4pm here at the Collective to empower in us the spirit of Spring's renewal.