Vintanthromodern Presents: Maya Oren of Mojalvo




Vintanthromodern Presents is a series that features collections curated by everyday women, often our friends, customers and fellow creative small business entrepreneurs.  At Vintanthromodern we believe that vintage clothing should be everyday wearable and is for every body.  Items featured in Vintanthromodern Presents can be purchased in our brick and mortar shop in New Haven or online in our Etsy shop.  Interested in being featured? Just drop us an email.

Tell us about your business:  

MOJALVO tells the stories of the people, places, and things around me through video marketing

How would you describe your personal style? 

I dress for my emotion. Whatever I'm feeling is what I'll put on. It usually translates to drapey, flowy, and soft, lots of muted colors and eclectic touches. I also love adding vintage pieces and lots or rings.


Do you have a fashion icon?

I take cues from my visual surroundings. I love observing, and then taking inspiration from that. 


What is your favorite brand OR place to shop: 

I love little boutiques and collecting pieces through my travels. Because I take many long road trips for work, I usually find some really awesome gems along the way to my destination.

Use 3 words to describe Vintanthromodern.

Dangerously awesome place or eclectic, wonderful, perfect.