Vintanthromodern Presents: Nicole Benevenia

Nicole Benevenia

New Haven, Connecticut

Vintanthromodern Presents is a series that features collections curated by everyday women, often our friends, customers and fellow creative small business entrepreneurs.  At Vintanthromodern we believe that vintage clothing should be everyday wearable and is for every body.  Items featured in Vintanthromodern Presents can be purchased in our brick and mortar shop in New Haven or online in our Etsy shop.  Interested in being featured? Just drop us an email.

Tell us about what you're passionate about:  

 I just starting working professionally in event coordination and publicity, which I've always enjoyed privately. I adore taking the grand vision for an event and nailing down all the logistics and particulars - and making it happen well. I thrive on the energy created in those social and intellectual spaces. In my non-work life, I am passionate about short fiction, theology, and yoga. And of course, vintage clothing.


How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is undergoing a period of transition. If I had to put a term on it, I would go with Scholarly Practical Vintage. For everyday, I am attracted to well-structured clothing, graphic patterns, 50's silhouettes, and anything that goes with tall leather boots. These days, I will wear almost anything if it's a beautiful bold red. When it comes to semi-formal and formal occasions, however, all bets are off; that's when I enter Floral Femme/Glam Queen territory.

Do you have a fashion icon?

Truthfully, I don't have a famous fashion icon, but I would be lying by omission if I didn't say that I am hugely inspired by several tremendously fashionable friends and family members. My stepmother Laureen supplies me with incredible hand-me-downs. My father has an incredible eye for pattern matching in the realm of more masculine fashion. My friend Maria has a strong sense of a clean, pared down Brooklyn vibe that I riff off of frequently, and Emily makes even the strangest vintage yellow romper look new again. And the list goes on!

What is your favorite brand OR place to shop: 

My preference is always for vintage or second-hand consignment products. The quality is almost always better than buying something new from a second-tier modern clothing chain. I frequent the local vintage and consignment stores, and also use often. It's my private, small corner of resisting the spirit of capitalism's constant urge to buy more, by cheap, buy constantly. In terms of stores that I can rarely afford but love: I drool over Madewell and Free People. I get lots of basics from J. Crew.


How would you describe Vintanthromodern?

Vintanthromodern has become an absolute favorite of mine. I would describe the store (and/or its products) as: welcoming, high-quality, and consistent in variety. Everything Melissa stocks is wearable above all else. While there are times when you do want to own that insane, only-on-Kentucky-Derby-Day purple hat with ostrich feathers, mostly I want vintage and consignment items that I can wear to work and on weekends without SCREAMING that they've arrived. This is an aesthetic and vibe I can get behind.

THANKS Nicole!