6 Ways to Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe

Now that summer is officially in full swing, you're ready for a major closet overhaul—jeans and cardigans just aren't cutting it any more, but you're getting bored of wearing shorts and t-shirts every day. However, you probably don't have the time (or budget) to invest in an entirely new wardrobe. Luckily, you don't need to spend a ton of money to breathe new life into your stale closet—all you need are a few statement pieces to give your style a completely fresh feel. We here at Vintanthromodern have got you covered—here are six ways to revamp your wardrobe just in time for all those barbecues, picnics, and beach trips!


1. Add a Fabulously Flashy Shirt

If you love Coachella style like we do, you'll know that funky prints are a staple for any festival-goer. Even if you aren't planning on going to any music festivals this summer, why not bring that fun, electric style to the streets? 80s patterns are having a comeback moment in a huge way right now, and are being channeled by mega-stars like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. These shirts are perfect to wear with a low-key pair of shorts, and will give you an instant style boost.

2. Pick Up a Cute Clutch

Clutches are the ultimate summer handbag and are perfect to carry to parties and barbecues. The perfect size to hold your essentials, they're also the perfect way to bring new life into a tired outfit. Pick one made with an interesting fabric or material for maximum impact, or one with cute colors or appliqués for the most fun. 

3. Play in a Pastel Print

The best part of summer is spending time outside and around town with friends. You've gone on lots of fun adventures so far this summer, but you've been wearing a variation on the same outfit—jean shorts and a plain t-shirt, or khakis and a polo. If you were adventurous, you wore a sundress. Why not mix it up a little? Take your mid-afternoon brunches at The Pantry or your runs to the Coffee Pedaler to the next level with  a gorgeous pastel floral-print garment. 

Wondering what to pair the pastel shorts with? Vintanthromodern stylist Abby suggests styling them with a chambray top and chunky suede heels.

4. Get Seen with Statement Jewelry 

With the intense heat and humidity summer brings (especially here in Connecticut) it's hard to wear elaborate outfits with lots of stylish layers. Fortunately, you don't need layers to get an Insta-worthy look. Summer is all about accessorizing, and is the best time to play around with statement jewelry. While you might be completely tired of one of your sundresses, adding structured earrings to the look might make you see it in a completely new light. On the other hand, if you think your outfit is a little to casual for dinner with the folks, adding an elegant but original necklace will make you look completely pulled together while keeping your look completely on-trend.

5. Dazzle in a Daring Vintage Dress

Summer is usually the most event-packed season of the year—there are summer weddings, graduation parties, Fourth-of-July barbecues, birthdays, and almost any other event you can think of. When your social calendar is that packed, things can get stressful—especially when you know you're going to end up wearing the same dresses you wore last year. An even scarier thought—you'll show up wearing the same dresses that everyone else is wearing. One foolproof way to avoid that scary scenario is to shop vintage! Investing in a one-of-a-kind piece will revive your dress collection and make you stand out at any event you go to. Win! 

6. Walk a Mile in Some Wedges

Summer can be a tough time for shoe lovers—you want to be casual and comfortable, but don't want to be too casual and wear flip-flops every single day. The struggle gets even more real when you love wearing heels, because you don't want to spend your days on the beach sinking into the sand. The solution? Try on a gorgeous pair of patterned wedges! Absolutely perfect to dress up or down, they'll add a pop to anything in your wardrobe. Not a fan of heels? Check out our selection of fun flats, which will lend a touch of comfort and style to anything from shorts and a t-shirt to a flowy maxi dress. 

Looking to add some pieces into your closet? Vintanthromodern has everything you need to upgrade your summer wardrobe—come in today to shop the items featured and more!