7 Unconventional Essentials for Every Beach Bag

So you've planned out your next beach trip, have your one-of-a-kind bathing suit packed, and slathered on your SPF of choice. All that's left to do is pack your beach bag. You've got your towel, cover-up, sunscreen—what else? Here are our 8 favorite original beach bag essentials from around the shop that you def can't forget next time you hit the waves. 

1. A Fun Beach Bag

Okay, so maybe bringing a bag to the beach isn't that original. But hear us out—most of the time, you'll see people with their tan bags made out of either cotton, wicker, or mesh. Boring! Next time you hit the beach, try carrying a fun vintage tote in a stand-out color! Made out of flexible rubber, it's super-durable, and totally waterproof!

2. Florapothecarie Rose+Sea Salt Hair Spray

Everyone knows that gorgeous, texturized waves are total #hairgoals after a day at the beach—but for most of us, our hair turns into a flat, frizzy mess instead of the waves we crave. Spritz Florapothecarie's rose+sea salt hair spray into your hair after playing in the water, and once it dries, you'll have an Insta-worthy, frizz-free mane!

3. Vintage Sunnies

The summer sun is hot, girl—and so are you in a bedazzled pair of vintage sunglasses! While we love this adorable pair, we have a fantastic collection of sunglasses in stock—looking for cat eye frames or funky patterns? We've got 'em! Whether you're using them to hold your hair back from the sun or shade your eyes, vintage sunglasses are the perfect accent to any summer look. 

4. Spinster Sisters Orange Lip Balm

While you may have your skin protected with your sunscreen, don't forget about your lips! After a long day in the sun, your lips can get chapped beyond belief. Did you know they can even get sunburned? Don't let that happen to you—keep your lips protected with this Spinster Sisters Lip Balm! Trust us—it's the bomb. (See what we did there?) It'll keep your lips feeling heavenly all day long, and the yummy orange flavor will keep you feeling tropical. 

5. A Huge Floppy Hat

Speaking of sunburn, did you know you can get burned on your scalp too? It's the worst—you can't even wash your hair without it hurting. You don't want to suffer through that, so be safe and wear a hat. You could go the baseball cap route, or wear a discreet sun hat. But who wants to be discreet? To keep your scalp safe and your look on point, try a giant floppy sun hat on your next trip to the beach a la Audrey Hepburn. 

6. Florapothecarie Rose+Tea Facial Toner

After a long day at the beach, your skin is guaranteed to need a little hydration. Formulated with gentile rosewater and moisturizing aloe, this toner will give you the refresher you need after hours in the sun. Got a sunburn? The green tea and aloe will soothe your face and tone down the redness to get you feeling better than ever. 

7. Sweet Jelly Slides

Jeweled sandals are gorgeous, but you wouldn't want to risk damaging them by taking them to the beach. Their jewels could fall off, they could fade or be damaged by the water—they don't deserve that treatment! Most people reach for their flip-flops—but let's be honest, flip-flops aren't the most stylish shoe on the shelf. So what's a girl to do? Two words—jelly slides. These shoes by Dreamed by Melissa are absolutely adorable—the colors are bright and playful, and the bows on the toes are to die for. The best part is they're waterproof and won't be ruined by a day in the sand.

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