Say Bye to Basic Bathing Suits

The quest to find the perfect bathing suit can be difficult, and is usually filled with more hits than misses. It seems like every department store is filled with different versions of the same bathing suit, each more unflattering than the last. If it's not unflattering, then it's plain old boring—you know you'll see twenty other people at the beach in the exact same thing. So what's a girl to do when she wants to stand out, but doesn't want to be uncomfortable? Luckily, we at Vintanthromodern have a collection of the most fun, original vintage bathing suits around. Here are five of our favorites:

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Vintage Bathing Suits

I know that we've just entered Spring - but with snow in tomorrow's East Coast forecast i'm already fantasizing about summer. I'm a sucker for retro bathing suits - and i've been lucky enough to snatch up some amazing ones for Vintanthromodern. All the suits here will be listed in our etsy shop soon (some are already available).blacksuit bluesuits