Highlights from the Urban Outfitters Pop-Up

What a rush it was to set up for a day at Urban Outfitters New Haven

We brought a few racks of carefully curated vintage clothing and favorites from our local makers.

Our favorite filmmaker, MOJALVO, captured it all so perfectly.

And did you see our Modern Dreamcatcher Making Station?!

It was pretty much cranking all night.

Big thanks to Glitter & Bold for fancying up our supply boxes. ;)

Here are just a few of the beautiful, whimsical handmade dreamcatchers:

HUGE hugs & thanks to everyone who came out to support us, and to Urban Outfitters for supporting local businesses and makers!

Vintanthromodern Vintage @ The Haven Collective - Update

Some of our customers have been a little confused lately about the current status of Vintanthromodern Vintage, LLC and the Vintanthromobile, so we're here with some updates and info about our new home at The Haven Collective in the East Rock neighborhood in New Haven.  Maintaining the brand that we've worked so hard to create over the past few years has been difficult as we work to establish a new creative space that encompasses so many of the things we hold dear.  The Haven Collective is a modern craft studio, expertly curated vintage shop, pop up marketplace and creative event space. Whew! That's a lot of amazingness under one roof. the-haven-collective-new-haven-connecticut

Back in October we celebrated the grand opening of The Haven Collective with over 100 people!  Having a collective space was something we'd been dreaming of since our successful one-off Haven Events markets held back at our old location at Trolley Square.  These multifaceted social, networking and shopping events were a lot of fun and we wanted to recreate that vibe on a more permanent basis. So, with the help of Project Storefronts, The City of New Haven and countless fellow small business entrepreneurs as both collaborators and supporters, we've finally been able to realize that dream!

The Haven Collective is about to celebrate it's 5th month in business, and while the winter cold and slow months of January and February have been a challenge, we're optimistic that the first signs of Spring and an increase in business are right around the corner.  Looking back at all the amazing things that have taken place in our new space has really given us the tenacity we need to keep going.  Here are some of those moments:

As it stands now, Vintanthromodern is the anchoring business of The Haven Collective.  We like to think of ourselves as the heart of this new project.  Through our travels with the Vintanthromobile we've had the privilege of meeting and working with many creative people -- designers, photographers, jewelry makers, fashion designers, bloggers, stylists, artists, crafters, chefs, candlemakers - the list goes on - and we've been inspired by them all.  Our main goal is to bring all of these people together - to help spread the inspiration and to support the growing small business movement in Connecticut.  Acting as both a container and launch pad for small business ensures that we're constantly surrounded with creative ideas and people and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Recently, we welcomed Cinder + Salt as our first Vendor in Residence, and we're thrilled to share the space and our goals with them.  We've already started collaborating on events and workshops that will undoubtedly make The Haven Collective even more of a destination for people looking to buy a unique gift, learn a new craft, support a small business or make an eco-friendly clothing purchase.

We've already hosted some great events, including those that support amazing women doing amazing things via our collaboration with HVN Lady Project and other female owned businesses.  We're looking forward to future events that support local charities like The Greater New Haven Cat Project, and community service projects to beautify the East Rock neighborhood we occupy.

In short - Vintanthromodern Vintage is still here doing what we do best - offering expertly curated, everyday wearable vintage clothing.  But we're also doing much, much more and we hope you'll stop by The Haven Collective to see for yourself!

see you soon,


Recap of Spring Haven by the Resting Roost Blog

Spring Haven blew our minds a few weeks ago!  Haven Events CT which is comprised of 4 creative small business entrepreneurs (Vintanthromodern included) from the New Haven, Connecticut area - put together quarterly events aimed at supporting and promoting other small business owners.  The response was amazing and our friend Rachel over at Resting Roost summed up the event perfectly in her photo filled blog post.  Check it out! Image