Spring 2014 Look Book - Vintage Denim

Spring 2014 Look Book - Vintage Denim

We had the pleasure of working with Mistina Hanscom of lotta studio again - along with some amazing models!  The idea behind this look book meshes perfectly with our philosophy at Vintanthromodern Vintage - that fashion (and denim) should be accessible and wearable for EVERYONE regardless of age, size, or just about any other factor.  Like good design, good fashion should be accessible to anyone.  The models featured are a perfect representation of our brand!

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The Fashion Truck Finder

I've recently discovered the most comprehensive list of fashion trucks and mobile boutiques on the web!  The Fashion Truck Finder is a great resource for anyone that owns/operates or is thinking about starting their own mobile fashion business. Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.00.24 AM

Featured Mobile Boutique: Judith & Joe

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of profiles about mobile vintage shops across the United States.  I found Judith & Joe on Instagram and was first interested because their shuttle bus is pretty similar to mine!  It's pretty cool to see how they've laid out their mobile shop in a space almost identical to the inside of the Vintanthromobile. Judith and Joe interior

Judith & Joe

Judith & Joe

NAME: Judith &  Joe


TYPE OF BUS:  1997 Ford E350 (used to be a shuttle bus for Snowmass in Colorado!)

YEARS IN BIZ: A couple months!

BESTSELLERS: We have this great, long BB Dakota sweater - it's like a dream - I wear it when I wake up, when I go out, as a robe, as a jacket...It's been a great seller. Tankfarm makes great men's tees that are flying out the door, our vinyl records are always popular as well as our bright colored beanies (Colorado is cold)!

DAY JOB/ WHAT YOU WENT TO SCHOOL FOR: I went to school for Journalism & Digital Media and do freelance content and social media. Sara and I met while working in state government which she maintains during the day.

BEST PART OF OWNING A MOBILE SHOP: Freedom! We can take it out when we want and are able. Because of such low overhead, there isn't a ton of stress to maintain it every. single. day. As it gets warmer though I'm sure we will maintain it every day. ;) It's fun!

WORST PART OF OWNING A MOBILE SHOP: It's cold. Even with the heater, it can be pretty cold. Also...owning a bus can be a trip sometimes.

FB: JudithAndJoe

Instagram: Instagram.com/Judithandjoe