How to Throw a Fabulous Vintage Fete

Vintage parties are all the rage right now—after all, what's better than retro clothes, good friends, and sparkling conversation? If you dream in technicolor and have a birthday party, bridal shower, graduation party, or baby shower to plan (or simply want to have a good time) then a vintage themed party might be perfect for you! Here are some tips from the vintage experts on how to get your party going without a hitch!

Pre-Party Planning

Send Out Invitations

Once your guest list is in order, it's time to send out invitations. You could always send out a Facebook invite or a mass text to those on your list—but this is a vintage party after all, so why not do things the old fashioned way? When you write (by hand, of course) the invitations, let everyone know the nature of the affair, and establish the dress code if there is one. Should people come in their funkiest 80's wear, or flaunt tea length skirts and bobby socks? No matter what decade you're aiming for, be sure your invites convey the theme.

Plan Your Menu

Every good hostess (or host) knows that food is the life and soul of every party. Keeping your guests well fed is your mission, so make sure there's good food going around at all times! While this may be a vintage party, you might want to stay away from vintage recipes, because some of them were a bit unsettling (tuna and Jell-o pie, anyone?) Try and go for tried and true recipes you'll know everyone will love, like scones, finger sandwiches, and ice cream. Bonus points if you wear one of these adorable aprons while making them!


Set the Table With a Bright Tablecloth

It's easy to get flustered when planning the decorations for any party, but it's especially easy for things to get out of hand when planning a vintage party. However, you don't need much to make an impression. To really set the scene, snag a bright vintage table cloth with a pattern that pops— it'll change the look of the room entirely, and make it feel like you were taken back in time. 

Blow Some Balloons


True or false—balloons are just for children's parties. FALSE! While you might not want to reach for princess or pirate balloons for your classy affair, not all balloons are made alike. These absolutely adorable Meri Meri balloons are not the balloons you had as a child. With sparkling golden strings and fabulously fun patterns, these balloons will lend a touch of whimsy and elegance to your party. 

Add Some Vintage Tableware

With or without a vintage tablecloth, having your guests eat off of authentic vintage tableware will take your event to the next level. You can pick a set based off of your theme, or whichever you like best. You can even pick a few sets and have guests mix-and-match their table settings! No matter which you choose, these tableware sets will last long after the party's over, and become a staple on your table whether you're entertaining or having a quiet night in. Once the table is set, add some fresh flowers and be ready to party!

During the Party

Play Some Tunes (the old fashioned way!)

Nowadays, all you need to get a party going is an iPhone and a cheap speaker—but what's the fun in that when you're having a vintage party? Lend a little authenticity to your fete by playing throwback jams on a record player. What records you play are up to you—you can play some Sinatra to give your event a smooth 50s vibe, or pop on some Led Zeppelin if it's more 70s inspired. Want to make things even more interesting? Ask your guests to bring their favorite records and play everyone's favorites!

Play Some Party Games

There was nothing party-goers in the 50s, 60s, and 70s loved more than a good party game. And they played lots of them! Get your guests' blood flowing by playing some good old fashioned parlor games! Many of them you're probably already familiar with—Twister, limbo, charades, and Simon says were all popular favorites. Depending on the season, bobbing for apples was a beloved (and messy) way to get laughs at a party. No matter what games you decide to play, make sure you give away great prizes to the winners! Our suggestion? These adorable vintage sewing patterns—the novelty of them will keep your guests amused for ages!

Before the Party Ends

Serve Cupcakes

No matter who is in attendance, everyone at your party will drool over cupcakes! Perfect to serve as things are winding down, your guests will eat these up no matter the flavor (we'd suggest a classic vanilla or red velvet, but you do you!) Of course, if you're going to serve cupcakes, you absolutely MUST use patterned liners, like these gorgeous ones from Meri Meri!

Pass Out Goodie Bags

I know what you're thinking—aren't goodie bags for children's parties? While they do have their place at a kiddie birthday bash, these aren't your typical cellophane twist-tied bags of yesteryear. We're obsessed with these adorable gift bags from Meri Meri—the pattern is insanely cute (look at those florals!) and they're the perfect size to pack in plenty of post-party goodies. What you decide to put in is up to you—we would suggest candy, accessories, lip gloss, or anything else that your audience would love!

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